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The Xbox designers critique the PS4 design

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It’s not the hardware underneath, or the line-up of games that allow for love at first sight when deciding which console to buy. Much like real life, looks really do matter, and fortunately for the Playstation 4, it’s got a sexy shell housing all those electronics inside of it. A design which the original Xbox designers recently critiqued.

Speaking to Fast Company via Kotaku, John Mabry and Roger Jackson gave a quick design review of the angled console and its improved controller. The duo happen to be from Teague, the company that helped design the look of the first Xbox console. Here’s what they had to say:

Overall, the new controller feels solid, not light and toy-like like the previous generation. While the footprint doesn’t deviate far from the original, a subtle increase in scale makes the redesign feel just right. A unique texture on the bottom improves grip and gives the controller a high-end feel.

Next in line—the slanted, angular body. On its own we liked the effect—it adds visual interest and energy to the form—but is that really the best choice for a box that will likely live side-by-side with the rectangular boxes that fill most of our living rooms? Probably not. On a functional note, we found the angle makes installation unnecessarily difficult as it obscures visibility for cable connection in the back.

Fair points, and ones that will most likely resonate with professional designers. I’ve been digging the design of both next-gen consoles so far, and as long as they come in black, so that they match my Blaupunkt tape deck and my Beta-Max player, I’m happy.

Last Updated: November 20, 2013

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