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The Xbox Lounge and GameForum

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There is some movement happening in the local gaming community.

I received my latest Xbox Lounge newsletter this morning only to see a very interesting point in it…

We’ve recently merged with a new gaming forum called ‘GameForum‘ The forum was created with all gamers in mind united in a single place to bring all platforms together.

I checked with koldFU5iON and he did say that maybe merged was to strong a word but now whenever we setup a match on www.txl.co.za a new thread is created over at GameForum.co.za to discuss the details and what not…

So what is gameforum.co.za, well it’s exactly what it says it is. A Game Forum.

A place for people from all different platforms to get together and have a chat.

Granted this is not a first South Africa by any stretch but I do think this may be the first time that two separate gaming websites have integrated this closely.

So all the best to them and I’ll be keeping an eye on you two 🙂 

Last Updated: February 13, 2008

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