The Xbox One controller will recognise you

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It's pronounced Xbox waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand

I won’t deny this one criticism of the Xbox One: It’s going to be expensive. That’s because the console is packed with a stack of technology, whether you want it or not. But one piece of tech that I do want in the console, is that superb controller. And it looks like it’ll have more than just some face buttons built into it.

A panel over at the San Diego Comic Con that was moderated by Major Nelson, with Microsoft creative director Ken Lobb, Turn 10’s Dan Greenwalt, Dead Rising 3’s Josh Bridge, Microsoft Studio’s Justin Robey, and Rare’s Nick Burton, showed off some of the new console features according to IGN.

Lobb showed some more of the Project Upload feature, where the Xbox One controllers recognized who was holding each device through the Kinect’s camera. When players pass the controller over to give someone else a turn at a game (Like that EVER happens), the Xbox One games automatically load up saved individual profiles for that player.

Greenawalt then spoke about how the controller had rumble motors inside which could function individually, providing better feedback. Rare’s Nick Burton then explained that the Kinect will read hand positions better as well, allowing players to “import their own face geometry and BMI onto character models” in the games.

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The technology has gotten to a point now where facial expressions can even be tracked and traced onto gameplay models. It’s a pretty neat feature, but once again, it’ll be up to developers to make proper use of it.

Although all this tech will actually do is feed information to the NSA about your filthy gaming habits, because gamers happen to be such massive security risks. Xbox One Kinect, I’m taking my pants off now. I suggest you switch yourself off.

Last Updated: July 22, 2013

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