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The Xbox One could see if you were aroused

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She wants you

We’ve been told before how the new Kinect is so precise that it can pick up changes in your heart rate and even the slightest movements can be picked up. So with this in mind Cara Ellison, of the Guardian, put the question to Microsoft whether or not the system could pick up whether you were aroused or not?

Well Nick Burton of Microsoft was on hand to reply and apparently while the Kinect may be exceptionally precise, the one thing it cannot do is pick up temperature changes of the person it is tracking. However what it can do is pick up changes in colour using its RGB ability and when you get aroused you start to blush, whether you like it or not.

So while this isn’t something Microsoft is working on quite yet it is technically possible to measure changes in a person’s arousal state. Now obviously this is the key because if you are aroused before playing then it wouldn’t know.

Imagine the possibilities though if people started really utilising these incredible abilities of the Kinect. So you are playing Grand Theft Auto V and you enter a strip joint and the Kinect realises you are getting more aroused when facing a certain special lady, the game can then dynamically start altering all the other female characters in the game to appeal more to you as a person.

So when you go on a mission later in the game to save a lady she will be altered to match your chosen fantasy without you even realising that it has happened. Even better is that if the Kinect realises you are more aroused by the male dancers then it can alter the game to play into that perspective finally putting to an end the idea that only women need saving and that all strip joints only have female strippers.

Whether anyone will take advantage of these sorts of abilities still awaits to be seen but even thinking about the possibilities of what Kinect 2.0 can bring to the table excites me… no not that way.

Back to the original article Cara had a great idea for a mini game called Arousal Chicken. The game starts with you and 5 of your friends, Kinect can follow 6 people, and then differing pictures are shown and when the Kinect realises you are aroused it notifies everyone and you are out. The last one to be aroused is out.

Sounds like an awesome drunken party game, so let’s give it a go.

Round 1


Everyone needs a little bit of class in their lives

Round 2

Fun in the sun

After class how about we all leave for some fun in the sun?

Round 3

Bed time

After that hard work out on the beach it’s time to head to bed.

Round 4

What are those lines called?

If you haven’t lost yet then surely this is more your thing?

Round 5

I don't believe you

Yeah if you got this far you either have no arousal ability or you’re just lying… game over.

Now let’s be honest here, of those of you who prefer the female form how many made it past round 2? For you lot who prefer males you didn’t get past Round 4 did you?

Last Updated: November 21, 2013

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