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The Xbox One gets a screenshot feature in March

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Screenshots! They’re like videos, except they only capture one entire frame of the action around you. Revolutionary stuff! It’s also a feature that has been sorely lacking on the Xbox One, as players have been unable to snap a glory shot of their antics within a game. The Xbox One is finally going to get that requested function however. And it’ll have a personal touch to it as well.

The March update will add in a screenshot function, according to Xbox Wire:

New in preview is a highly requested feature by our community from the Xbox feedback site.  While playing a game, you can now take screenshots on your Xbox One console by simply double-tapping the Xbox button on your controller to capture a screenshot and pressing Y to save the screenshot. You can also say “Xbox Take a Screenshot” to take and save a screenshot.

The Upload app is being updated so that you can manage your screenshots in addition to your game clips. You can use a screenshot as your background, by viewing the screenshot in full-screen mode from the Upload app, then, press the Menu button and select Set as background.  In coming preview builds, you will be able to use Upload to share screenshots to your activity feed, attach to messages, add screenshots to your showcase, and eventually share to Twitter. Also, your screenshots will be visible in your profile alongside your game clips.  In the initial preview build, the sharing functions are not yet enabled, but you can start capturing screenshots and using them for your backgrounds.

I quite dig that last line. Say what you want about the Xbox One, but it’s a console that does allow for a more personal touch. Especially when said touch involves wanting to curb-stomp yet another ridiculously large update. But applying a screenshot as a background? An excellent idea. Now to wait for a Hatsune Miku game to be released on that system.

Last Updated: February 19, 2015

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