The Xbox One TV demonstration was faked

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I need not remind you about how badly the Xbox One TV demonstration was received by gamers around the world, but what if I told you that the entire thing was faked and it doesn’t actually work that well in real life?

So do you remember when Yusuf Mehdi just stood there and spoke to the device and it instantly changed?

Well first thing you need to do is go back and watch the video, click here for an example, you’ll see that every time he tells the Xbox One what to do his hand is in his right pocket. It’s either a coincidence or he’s pushing a button.

Now this was picked up quite quickly and to be honest I don’t have an issue with that. This is a live conference and hoping there wouldn’t be interference is just asking for a disaster so I’m happy to let that one slide.

However now it appears that while it wasn’t listening to voice commands it wasn’t showing true pictures either. In a recent video interview with Wired we get to see what live TV snapped onto the side bar looks like and it’s not good. Here’s the video just scrub to 1:09 and then make sure it’s buffered so it streams flawlessly.

So how does that live TV look to you? It’s in awesome 5 frames per second. If you prefer you can click here and see an animated gif of the crucial moments.

Seeing that nothing was said about it during the awfully staged interview then I can only presume this is the way it is going to work out the box. So that idea of playing FIFA14 while watching Liverpool in the side panel is just going to stay… I was going to say stay a dream but really who on earth would actually want to do that?

The entire principle doesn’t work for me and faking it to make it a little better is a douche move Microsoft.

[Apologies I somehow forgot the source link, thanks to Neogaf for pointing this out]

Last Updated: June 5, 2013

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