The Zeebo Launches – Who would have guessed?

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About 2 months ago Nick had a bit of a lashing at the Zeebo for trying to launch in developing countries at a low cost but then requiring bandwidth to download new games over. As we all know bandwidth in places like South Africa and Brazil is far from cheap so the idea appeared to be a non starter.

Well you could imagine the surprise on my face this morning when I saw that the Zeebo had actually officially launched in Brazil this week, yes fully launched. You can go buy one now if you want.

But what about that bandwidth issue? Well the Zeebo ships with a built in 3G chip (or something of the like) which connects to the Zeebo servers wirelessly for free, no ISP required and no other charges levied. Which means when you purchase FIFA 2010 over the wire you only pay for the game and the bandwidth is never mentioned.

If anyone sees a review of the Zeebo please drop us a line, I would love to see how it actually fares.

Source: Gamasutra

Last Updated: May 29, 2009

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