There will be no new Xbox at E3 2012

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Or will there? We really are getting mixed rumours about E3 this year and the latest one comes from a French online magazine which interviewed the marketing manager for Xbox 360 in France and asked him about what’s next.

Cedrick Delmas was crystal clear with his response when he answered that there will be nothing new for Xbox in 2012 and that any new changes will only start happening in 2013.

He then also goes on to state that Microsoft aren’t up against Nintendo who have created their own cycle in this generation, if they were seen as direct competitors then they would have to announce a new console this year but as they are not you can be assured that nothing will be released or announced this year.

It’s an interesting point and one that Microsoft has kept to since it entered this generation, it’s portrayed itself as the friend to Nintendo and that you’ll want both in your house the entire time which, while being a little patronising, is a solid argument.

So what do you think, does the French marketing manager have an insight into when Microsoft will announce the next Xbox or do you think he’s being kept in the dark as well?

Last Updated: January 31, 2012

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