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There’s a nasty PS3 Skyrim save bug

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I think we can all agree by now that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a fantastic experience, and quite easily one of this generation’s most absorbing games. If you’re playing the game on PS3 though, you might find your experience becoming less and less enjoyable as times goes on. Why?

There’s a save bug, you see, and once your save game starts getting too big, your game may start to suffer.

Gamers on Bethesda’s official forum and Reddit have reported that once the save file exceeds the 6Mb size – usually at around 16 hours of play – the game starts to suffer from stuttery lag, progressively getting worse until the whole game becomes unplayable.

One afflicted user, PurpleHAze, said on the forums that he’s experiencing issues "Such as framerate issues, poor rendering, shoddy loading and non interactions fro finishing quests/cutting wood etc." Continuing "I can’t finish ANY quest and i can’t buy from ANY trader/npc and i can only talk to them after some laggy button pressing."

Restarting the console reportedly provides temporary relief – like digital Preparaton H.

It’s understandable that games as big as Skyrim are subject to a bug or two, but considering this was an issue that’s affected previous Bethesda games on the PS3, it’s a little inexcusable. Thankfully, a patch is on the way. "We are continuing to work on an update for all platforms to address issues any bugs and perf issues we can," Bethesda PR and marketing boss Pete Hines said.

It seems all platforms have issues; The 360 version looks like a monkey’s ass if you install it, and the PC version has a nasty “crash to Desktop” bug that’s caused many gamers to lose hours of progress. One day…one day Bethesda will release a game that just works. Lucky for them their games tend to be so damned good that it’s easy to look past their shoddy QA.

Also, never kill a chicken.

Last Updated: November 16, 2011

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