There’s a new Xbox coming! (but it’s not what you think)

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No, don’t get all excited – there’s been no news of a next-gen console from the fortress at Redmond. What has been announced though is a very, very slightly rejiggered version of the 250Gb Xbox 360 S.

What’s different? Oh, it’ll now be available in a matte finish – instead of the gleamingly shiny, dust and finger-print collecting glossy finish you get it in today. The 4GB version of the slightly smaller, infinitely quieter Xbox 360 S sports a matte finish that’s less prone to looking like a big, black oily smudge. Personally, I hate glossy electronics – something I entirely blame Apple for. I’m still an old, slightly yellowing Xbox 360 , so the move to matte might just be the push I need to replace my aging jet-engine console.

Why Sony and Nintendo released their handhelds, the PSP and DS/3DS respectively, with shiny shells is beyond my reckoning. Finger-print magnets that you touch with your hands ALL THE DAMNED TIME? I might be slightly compulsive, but for the first few months of owning either I spent more time cleaning the things than playing games on them.

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: August 5, 2011

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