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There’s a petition for Capcom to stop “censoring” Street Fighter V

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As most of you who regularly read here know, I’m terribly excited for Street Fighter V. My excitement is palpable, even if I think that some of its fighters – in particular Rainbow Mika – could do without the giant boobs and bare ass. It’s just unnecessary, sexualising characters in the game in a way that’s out of place. Capcom seems to agree, and they’ve made a few changes to help boost the game’s mass appeal.

They’re removing the butt-slapping animation from R. Mika’s Critical Arts, along with several other close up crotch shots that are out of place in the game. Here’s what the animation used to look like.

And here’s what it’s been changed to (Critical Art at 88 seconds).

All that’s really changed is that the butt slap is now off camera. Somebody at Capcom’s made the decision – wisely in my opinion – to change the animation well before the game is out, by making the game at least appear that it’s not made to satiate teenage boy fantasies. And of course, there are people terribly angry about this, banding together with their rallying cries of censorship. Yes, there’s a petition to bring back R. Mika’s butt-slapping.

Says the petition:

“Some time recently Capcom chose to censor this Critical Art animation, the original shows Mika slapping her butt to taunt before grabbing, and the final downward slam brings both legs down as is normal in a great deal of wrestling moves.
In the newest version, the camera pans up to hide the slap and the severity of the final downward slam is lost as the legs are untouched.

We do not want to accept any censorship of this kind, and we do not wish to purchase censored games.
This content must remain uncensored, retained in its original form when the game is released, as should all the current content in the beta builds thus far that your company may wish to censor for whatever reason.”

While I think those who started the petition and have signed it have every right to, the biggest problem here is that Capcom, internally making a decision to change an animation, is not really censorship.

You could argue, perhaps, that Capcom making their games have broader appeal by way of less overt sexualisation and removing a damned butt slap is self-censorship, but it’s an internal change made before the game is even out. In the end though, whatever the reasons for the change, I don’t feel it’s worth arguing about. It’s Capcom’s game and they can change whatever they please.

What do you think? Is this censorship? Is this that blasted Social Justice ruining games? Or is this a silly thing not worth getting so worked up about?

Last Updated: November 10, 2015

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