There’s a Predator biker on the loose in Thailand…

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Like many of you, I wish I could get into one of my costumes and actually drive a vehicle. But cosplay can be kind of restrictive at times. Hell, my previous Batsuit which was modelled on the 1989 movie version of the costume was so authentic that I couldn’t even turn my neck properly. Which would have made using the K53 method of driving a damn nightmare. Still, some costumes can be worn when travelling the roads. Like this Predator has just proven.

Worn by Mr. Aor from Koh Samui according to the ThailandFans Forum, is this badass costume and bike. Seriously, check it out:

I’ve seen Predator cosplay before, and I know that that is one costume which isn’t easy to survive a convention in, let alone drive a massive-ass motorcycle. To get it right, Aor came up with a Predator helmet that looks the part and actually offers his noggin some decent protection. Although it looks like he needs more protection from his actual bike, which is covered in more blades than an explosion at a knife factory. There are plenty of cosplay motorcycle outfits out there, by UD Replics, which range from Batman to GI Joe. But this Predator one just takes the cake for me.

Naturally, this makes my custom Batman tricycle look like a child’s toy in comparison. But sooner or later, my Batmobile (an 81 Honda Civic, don’t you dare laugh), I’ll be cruising around and looking cool. If I can turn my bloody neck that is.

Last Updated: April 17, 2015

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