There’s already a nude mod for Dragon’s Dogma on PC

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Give gamers the tools to create things, and they will make dicks. That’s just one of those incontrovertible immutable laws. Give them the power to mod existing games though, and the very first thing they’ll do is remove people’s clothing.

It’s happened for roughly forever, with Tomb Raider games being one of the earlier examples of people actively trying to remove digital women’s clothing in videogames.

Capcom’s Marmite RPG, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen launched on PC last week to pretty damned good reviews, which should be enough. But some people are never please – so they’ve tinkered with the game’s files to remove things like clothing. There’s another mod to add in the bits that Capcom didn’t put in as well – though why you’d want to play an RPG as a naked person, cold, and vulnerable like that is beyond my reckoning.

The first mod(by chrisco93) removes the game’s underwear from the game, but leaves characters like mannequins, smooth and without genitalia. The second mod (by l2dusk) actually adds the bits that make 12 year old boys giggle. If you must, you can view the product of these mods here.

I’m very far from being a prude – but I just don’t see the point of hacking nudity in to games, when I’d rather be staring at awesome costume design. There’s an internet full of honest-to-goodness actual pornography for you to get your kicks from.

Last Updated: January 19, 2016

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