There’s just one local player in the “South African” COD team

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eSports is not my beat – but some information’s come about that has me incensed enough to voice my anger and frustration regarding the farce that is this year’s Call of Duty Championships.

As you already know, the team that’ll be representing South Africa (though not officially) in the Call of Duty championships managed to win their qualifier by exploiting a loophole in the MLG’s rules. As per their qualifying rules, just two members on any team needed to actually reside in the country they’re representing. Winners Team RiZe exploited the overseas lag in a peer-to-peer multiplayer game, by getting their matches hosted by their UK-based drafts to snatch victory from – in my opinion – more deserving opponents. 

And so, because of that, the team representing South Africa was comprised of just two actual South Africans. It’s gotten worse. One of the qualifying members, ParadoxX was denied a visa, so Team RiZe has seen it fit to draft in another player from the UK, from a different team all together. Just one player from RiZe, representing South Africa, is from the country.

It appears that rule relating to two members having to be from the country they’re representing applies only to the qualifiers. The MLG rules also state that:

Any changes to a team roster after the tournament has been seeded is at the discretion of tournament staff.

If the new player making up RiZe’s ranks has got his plane ticket, it would be safe to assume that the MLG in their infinite wisdom has okayed everything, and that it all falls within their rules. That, however, doesn’t mean we have to be happy about it. Want to know what makes it worse? These are the sort of people we have representing us:

 If you ask me, Team RiZE and their antics have made a mockery of the qualifiers, a mockery of the championships and a mockery of the hard-working and passionate, eSports-loving people at teams like Hi5 and Adept; either of which I would have loved to see play in the championships in their stead.

Team RiZE…I wish you the best of luck. Wait, no…no I don’t. Screw whatever sense of pride and patriotism I have. I hope you get knocked out in the first round.

31 Call of Duty teams are in Los Angeles to battle for their share of $1 million this weekend. Here’s a list of all 31.

TCM Gaming (UK)
Brazil 5 Stars (Brazil)
Epsilon Esports (UK)
Aztek Gaming (Mexico)
TEC Intensity (UK)
Nsp (South Korea)
Team Orbit (UK)
Trident T1dotters (Australia)
Vitality Rises (France)
Immunity (Australia)
Vitality Returns (France)
VexX Revenge (Canada)
Killerfish (Germany)
WiLD Gaming (Canada)
SK Gaming (Germany)
Echelon (Singapore)
Reign Mix (Sweden)
Complexity (U.S.A.)
AllStars (Netherlands)
OpTic Gaming (U.S.A.)
Wizards (Spain)
EnVyUs (U.S.A.)
Sublime (Italy)
Faze (U.S.A.)
Lightning Pandas (EU)
Team Kaliber (U.S.A.)
Team Rize ZA (South Africa)
Strictly Business (U.S.A.)
Klarity Gaming (UAE)
Rise (U.S.A.)
Xfinity Gaming (U.S.A.)

I’m going to pick one team at random to root for, because I’m sure as hell not supporting RiZe. Zoe’s there to cover the entire event, and should have the opportunity to interview the team. She’s under instruction to ask the hard questions.

Last Updated: March 27, 2014

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