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There’s just too damn much pre-order DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight

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Meanwhile,at Warner Bros

Holy marketing schemes run amok Batman! I’m at a point right now where I ain’t even mad about all the gear available for purchase in Arkham Knight, outside of the main game. If anything, I’m pretty damn impressed that Warner Bros Interactive have managed to milk this much content out of the Arkham-ender. Honestly, the only other entity around who could squeeze that much juice out of a product is your local SARS taxman. And of course, the game is getting a touch more content on the PlayStation 4. If you pre-order that is. BUY NOW DAMMIT!

PlayStation 4 adoptees of the game get the previously confirmed Scarecrow Nightmare levels and a Justice League 3000 skin. But it’s not the thought of a gigantic Scarecrow playing peekaboo between skyscrapers that scares me. It’s that Adam west skin for the game, which looks incredibly unnatural and of course I want it. Clearly there’s something wrong with me. Clearly.

66 Batman

This of course, joins an entire supermarket of pre-order content for the game. Content such as a $40 season pass, various skins, special editions, a Harley Quinn story mission, challenge maps and more. It’s rather ridiculous, and adequately summed up in this image that I pilfered from Reddit:

Arkham List

The thing is, none of that content is truly necessary. I’m dead certain that you can play through an Arkham game without the need to dress up like Bat-Mite. It’s just the fact that all this content gets announced months before the game is even released, is a bit of a slap in the face, especially when you know all of it will be collected and repackaged into an eventual Game Of The Year edition. It’s a practise that publisher Warner Bros Interactive is becoming especially good at. And it must be working, because I already have a credit card bill for some of those skins, like the massive fanboy that I am. Well played Warner Bros, well played.

Be the Bankman.

Last Updated: May 28, 2015

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