There’s more than meets the eye to this Bumblebee Transfomer replica

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Bumblebee (3)

I have a love/hate relationship with Transfomer toys. I love them because I’ve grown up with Decepticons and Autobots that adorned my shelf and brought much joy to my life. I also hate them, because I once spent two months trying to figure out how to properly transform a Smokescreen figure back into vehicle mode. What makes this even sadder, is that this was only achieved last week. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about trying to transform this Autobot.

Bumblebee (4)

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The best thing about this figure? No Shia LaBeouf accessory. Made out of polystone, this particular Bumblebee from Prime 1 Studio is based on his appearance in Transfomers: Dark Of The Moon, the film which is known for being “Quite kak, but not as kak as Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction”.

Bumblebee measures in at 558.8mm H x 381mm W x 266.7mm L. The statue lights up, comes with several heads and a few cannons. It’ll cost ya $1299 when it arrives in August. Which is enough to baysplode you into bankruptcy thanks to the current exchange rate. Just remember, as you fight your way through the bank to draw out all of your funds, to shout “One shall stand, one shall fall!”.

Last Updated: January 7, 2015

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