There’s more than one way to make some star-bucks in Star Citizen

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If you want to explore the cosmos, it’s going to cost you some bucks. And expendable test pilots, but don’t tell their future widows that. And you’ll need plenty of cash to get around the galaxy in Star Citizen, which now has another new feature in play. So 10-4 good buddy, keep an eye out for smokies and lets hustle some freight across galactic lines!

You’ll be able to haul freight across Star Citizen, earning an in-game income. That cargo can be anything, according to the Star Citizen team, from carbonated beverages to guns, coffee and what I presume would be obscene amounts of very weird galactic pornography. Maybe. The big twist here however, comes in the form of being able to actually examine your cargo, manipulating it like evidence from an LA Noire sequel that will never be.

Players will be able to use the “Grabby Hands” system to spot an object, pick it up and look at it. I have no idea why this makes me excited, but that’s what tens of millions of dollars will buy you. Still, there are thousands and thousands of objects in the game, far too many for the dev team to animate actions for. So it’ll be up to the in-game intelligence to fill in any gaps. “Make no mistake, this is more than just a system for picking up and putting down objects,” the Star Citizen blog post explained.

With this process in place, we don’t need to create a unique animation for every single object in the universe; the game adapts to interact with what you’re doing, the way you want!

This all leads back to the cargo portion of the game, as players will need to load and unload crates of the stuff while using loader suits. “Using the [cargo] manifest,” the post read, “you can activate and deactivate locking plates (to jettison cargo), set orders for arranging cargo and see the effect that all of your items are having on your center of mass (unlike previous games, your ships’ performance will be tied to the mass and volume of what you decide to load aboard her!)”.

Five new ships were also unveiled for the game, the MISC Hull series of freighters that range from the small freight Hull-A to the gigantic Hull-E. Which might stand for Hull-E sh** when you see how big that particular ship is.


As usual, you can buy the ship with in-game credits, or with actual money. Around $60-$550 of real world money that is, depending on what size freighter you’re after. None of those ships are playable yet, but you can at least inspect your spacecraft in the hangar module mode.

Last Updated: April 28, 2015

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