There’s a No Man’s Sky item duplication glitch

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No Man’s Sky is out – and it’s proving to be, as expected, pretty divisive. Some love the mathematically-driven intergalactic exploration, others hate all the mining, collecting and survival that makes up much of the core experience.

Because the game’s so resource-driven – and much of those resources are pretty time-intensive to collect – there are people who’d prefer to accumulate those resources without all that much effort. In real life, we call people who do that sort of thing thieves, con-men or tenderpreneurs. In the vast expanses of No Man’s Sky’s space? Who knows, but people are doing it.

There exists an item duplication glitch that does what it says on the tin – lets you duplicate items instead of working for them. In my opinion, this sort of thing robs players of the experience, but seeing as No Man’s Sky is essentially a single player game, anyone who’d abuse this glitch is only ruining it for themselves.

That said, it’s a pretty simple glitch to execute. Here’s how, though if you wish to keep your game untainted I urge you to look away.

Step 1:


Collect and fill your spaceship inventory with whatever you wish to duplicate

Step 2:

Save the game at a space station

Step 3:

Fly out and get yourself killed

Step 4:


After respawning, ensure the game’s given you a grave marker

Step 5:

Load up the earlier of the two saves you’ve got

Step 6:


Step 7


Step 8


Find your grave marker, which allows you to collect items. So you’ll your inventory back plus access to the grave, effectively doubling your stash. You’ll need to make sure you’ve got space in your spaceship’s inventory too.

Once again, the only person you’ll be screwing over is you, robbing yourself of the joys of doing it all properly.

Last Updated: August 11, 2016

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