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There’s no secret hiding at the bottom of the Fallout 4 ocean

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Under the sea! Down where it’s wetter that’s it where it’s better, under the sea! Up on the Boston shore they murder all day, out in the sun the slaves toil away! While we’re radaway injectin’ some corpses that are floatin’! Under the sea!

Fallout 4 may have a lot of secrets, but it has even more land to explore. When you combine the two, you get plenty of Easter eggs and enough bait to attract people with a lot of time to kill. And that’s where the waters of Fallout 4 come into play. There’s a lot of puddles out there, some of them deep enough to drive a precious scooter named Sasha into even.

Surely, there must be a secret or two inside of the deep embrace of those rivers, right? Nope. Turns out, there’s nothing. That’s according to the research of Redditor Lavonicus, who dived deep into the Boston waters to find…something. And the life aquatic was chronicled in a massive 113-image album, where a few interesting things were found, but none of them were massive mysteries waiting to be solved.

“This album is the result of 30+ hours of exploring the water depths of Fallout 4. I say 100ish% because I don’t believe in perfection, just darn close to it,” Lavonicus wrote.

From the smallest of puddles to the depths of the ocean floor. If it is a ton of loot you are looking for you will not find it here. There is some loot to be found but a colossal amount like you may wish. There are various red and green chest in water along with various other items. I will try to upload these images in an organized fashion. Keeping in mind that for whatever reason they became scrambled after I transferred them.

The first map will have nothing but red circles. This map is for people who want to go and find whatever it is for themselves. It may be loot, a Easter Egg to Jaws (There are three of those in the game btw, the same one) interesting points of interest or a potential under water area in a future DLC. The Second map will have a better color coding system for what is what for those that just want to go for items and not other things.

What will follow will start with various screen grabs of what lies under the water to the infamous pipes along with a “New” Sphere with writing on it at the very end. Thank you for coming, thank you for viewing. I hope you will find some use of this and that I ultimately didn’t waste time doing this.

I’ve been diving into the waters of Fallout 4 myself. And I find that the Boston rivers are almost as overrated as the game itself.

Last Updated: December 14, 2015

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