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There’s still some Reapers to fear in the upcoming DLC for Mass Effect 3

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Seriously, if you don't catch this joke, then Google Christopher Walken Bruce Dickinson SNL skit, or be shunned.

Love it or hate it, extended cut and all, Mass Effect 3 still has some other stories to tell in the near future. And one such story it seems, will be centered on some rogue Reaper action, dubbed “Leviathan”. Spoilers below, so don’t assume direct control of the jump link if you want to be surprised.

Discovered by the forumites on the Bioware Social Network, it seems that some code within the Extended Cut DLC will have players tackling a rebellious Reaper named Leviathan, who has been controlling a colony for over ten years now. Shepard sets out to do some liberating, and in the process, rescues a scientist by the name of Ann Bryson from the indoctrination facility.

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Leviathan has been mentioned previously in the Mass Effect universe before. Scanning a planet in the first game would reveal a dead space cruiser, “The Leviathan of Dis”, something mentioned again in ME3 when a character by the name of Balak drops a hint that the Batarians accidentally reactivated the hibernating organic-life killer.

Some more code from the DLC reveals the following quote:

So the Reapers did not fully exterminate their creators. That suggests that they are fallible, even on large or long-term scales.

Need some more evidence to go with that rumour-shake? Well here’s a tweet from none other than Mass Effect 3 producer Mike Gamble:


Crappy endings be damned, I needs me some more addictive gameplay over here!

Last Updated: June 28, 2012

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