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Thermaltake’s new gaming chair is a little less gaudy, still pretty pricy

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I really do not like gaming chairs very much. Open any game stream and you can see somebody sitting in one of what seems a billion almost identical pleather-decked thrones with colourful trim. They’re meant to be orthopaedic, ergonomic things for your arse to rest in, with strap-on pillows for lumbar support and adjustable armrests – and sometimes even RGB lighting.

As a grumpy old bastard, I don’t like any of this – and I don’t really find these sorts of chairs comfortable either. They’re also unfathomably expensive, and beyond being some sort of status symbol, I’d recommend folk just buy a decent office chair. Thermaltake’s new gaming chair appeals to me more than the repurposed racing seat design that’s so pervasive. Thermaltake’s CyberChair E500 is a little more subdued, and more fitting more somebody of my advanced years.

“The CyberChair E500 offers a full range of adjustments including headrest, seat depth, height adjustment, and wire-control mechanism with multi lockable positions to reach maximum comfort. Furthermore, users are able to relax and immerse the body with up to 117 degrees of back angle inclination,” Thermaltake says (via PC Gamer.)


It still has the same sort of adjustable arm rests you’ll find on other gaming chairs, but the whole thing just seems like less of a gaudy gimmick, though that adjustable head rest still seems silly. That said, as nice as this is – comparatively – I still reckon a decent office chair will not only be more comfortable and ergonomic, but also a heck of a lot cheaper, because this thing will apparently sell for $599.99. That’s a lot less than a super high-end office chair, but still significantly more than I’m willing to spend.

Last Updated: January 10, 2020

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