These are the top 20 features Xbox users want

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Microsoft recently rolled out a new website where you can head over to and request or vote for a feature for Microsoft to roll out.

The site is broken up into 11 categories so there is no logical way to find the top 20 features. Unless you open each one and select the top 20, then combine them all and sort.

But thankfully someone over at Neogaf did actually have time for that and has very kindly posted up the current top 20 requests.

1. Pre-order/Pre-load digitally – 5,164 Votes
2. Backwards Compatibility with Xbox 360 – 4,479 Votes
3. Lower price of Digital Copies of Xbox One Titles – 3,304 Votes
4. “Low Battery” Notification for controllers. – 3,224 Votes
5. Xbox Music in Background – 2,395 Votes
6. Pre order bonuses for digital games – 2,344 Votes
7. Discount On Digital Games – 2,287 Votes
8. Background image on the dashboard – 2,005 Votes
9. Personalize Home Screen Background – 1,994 Votes
10. Cortana on xbox – 1,963 Votes
11. Reboot Banjo-Kazooie, Conker and Viva Pinata – 1,898 Votes
12. More Benefits purchasing DIGITAL over Retail Copy – 1,864
13. Free Movies With Gold – 1,828 Votes
14. Add an Upcomming Game Calendar App – 1,735 Votes
15. Better UI customization for users. – 1,729 Votes
16. Better integrated DLNA Support – 1,625 Votes
17. Mass delete recorded clips – 1,532 Votes
18. Description of Updates – 1,488 Votes
19. Bring back 1 vs. 100! – 1,487 Votes
20. Access to FULL XBOX STORE from smartglass – 1,460 Votes

I‘m absolutely behind the number one request, preloading games would be incredible and I see no reason why it doesn’t exist.

I just don’t see backwards compatibility happening, and the archaic lack of a low battery level indicator has already been patched in.

I’m also all for number 11, I need more Viva Pinata in my life.

So what do you think of the list? Anything that strikes you as odd to request or even more importantly are they missing something very important?

Last Updated: June 12, 2014

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