These are the worst games of 2014 so far

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We’re entering that time of year where all the biggest and blockbusteriest games are on their way. While money doesn’t always guarantee success, it certainly does help and you’ll most likely be hard-pressed to find a game that actually gets downright slammed by all the critics. That doesn’t mean that 2014 hasn’t had some bad games so far. Hell, it’s had some of the very worst games ever released actually. Here’s a look at the games that smelt like Batman Forever.

Now yes, we’ve compiled these scores off of Metacritic. Criticise or justify, but it does carry rather reliable aggregates. So we’re going by platform as well, starting with the biggest stinker on the venerable PC, which happens to be…

PC – BlackSoul


I’ve never heard of BlackSoul. And with a set of reviews that did to the game what Clubber Lang did to Rocky within one round, I doubt that I’ll ever seek it out. As HardcoreGamer summarised and added to the metascore aggregate of 22:

BlackSoul takes one step forward and two awkwardly-placed steps back time and time again. What could have been an impressive homage to the horror genre ends up feeling like a soulless bargain bin find.

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – Rambo: The Video Game


Ey yoh, dere was like game dis hyear dat was the woist, and it was shared on dat older pair of consoles. I guess yoo can say dat Rambo: The Video Game was GREEDY AND LAZY! Only 23 and 28 respectively per console yo! ADRIAN! YO PlayStation Mag UK!

It only avoids the worst score I can give by virtue of the fact that it (just about) functions. Rambo inspires more anger than biting your tongue just after you’ve stubbed your toe.

PlayStation 4 – Basement Crawl

Basement crawl

Worse than Ebola, the Kardishians or a horrid combination than the both, was Basement Crawl. part horror, part ambitious dungeon-keeping, the game was all unpolished turd when it released and notched up an aggregate score of 27. But don’t take just my word for it! Destructoid summed the game up perfectly in one line:

Basement Crawl is not only a broken, unfinished game — it’s also a poor one.

Xbox One – The Amazing Spider-Man 2


I had the absolute misfortune of being thrust back into the world of The Amazing SPider-Man 2, a game so damn terrible that it makes the source material film look like avant garde cinema in comparison. It’s currently sitting with a metascore of 46 off of 12 reviews, none of them glowing with praise exactly. Here’s what I still had to say about the game after I barely survived it:

You don’t need a Spider-sense to realise that a game with various audio glitches, gameplay crashes and overall sloppy design might not be worth your time or effort, as this Spider-Man isn’t the hero that fans need or deserve.

Wii U – The Letter


Based off of a staggering 4 reviews from people who most likely drew the short straw, The Letter sits with an abysmal metascore of 14 right now. So what makes it play worse than a session of Quake 3 Arena with a cheap steering wheel peripheral? Pretty much everything according to NintendoWorld:

It is a boring, unpolished piece of software that does nothing to thrill the player.

Of course, we could all be completely wrong. What’s your worst game of the year so far?

Last Updated: October 24, 2014

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