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These are your June PlayStation Plus games

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The list of games that faithful PlayStation Plus subscribers are gifted are usually announced right round today. It seems that at least two regional PlayStation online store has let the cat out of the bag a little early. According to Poland and the UK’s PlayStation services, these are the sort-of free games you’ll be getting in Europe this month. They don’t excite me very much.

Here they are.


PlayStation 3 owners will be treated to the excellent basketball sim, NBA2K14, along with 2D indie survival horror Lone Survivor. They’re both good games, it’s just that sports game interest me not one drop and I already own Lone Survivor.

The PlayStation 4’s offering is also an excellent game, but it’s one I already own and played on the PS3…even if it has been jazzed up a little. It’s Pixeljunk Shooter in its ultimate incarnation. It’s an incredibly fun, co-operative puzzling, explorative twin-stick shooter..with neat fluid-based physics. It supports cross save, cross buy and even cross play with the Vita version of the game too.

Lastly, there’s Dragon’s Crown for the Vita, which will get some people excited. Yes Umar, I’m talking about you. It’s a co-operative action-RPG that plays out like a fancy Golden Axe, and features witches with giant breasts.  It’s probably the most exciting or interesting game in the entire line-up.

Once again though, we have a PS Plus list that doesn’t particularly enthral. Microsoft’s Games with Gold is starting to get better, offering gems like Dark Souls and Street Fighter IV, while PS Plus’ are getting worse – but that could just be my own tastes talking.

Sports, indie, indie, Japanese crap.

What do you think of next month’s line-up?

Last Updated: May 28, 2014

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