These Arkham Knight toys may have revealed the identity of the new Batman villain

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Arkham Knight

Who’s afraid of the big bad bat? Well, besides the dozen or so goons who are spending an evening in an ICU and adjusting to the fact that they’re going to be crippled for life. There aren’t too many villains who can match Batman in a physical and mental showdown, but the Arkham Knight might be the closest threat in many a year. There’s been a lot of speculation as to who’s the man is underneath that fancy high-tech helmet. And right now, the odds are definitely leaning in favour of former Robin Jason Todd. Thanks to some toys that is.

Toy Fair kicked off on the weekend in New York City, as industry people came together to show off their latest and upcoming wares, while presumably shooing away eager fanboys outside. Marvel, Transformers, Star Wars and various other properties were all on show, as were several upcoming Arkham Knight tie-in figures. has a rather nifty photo of the upcoming Arkham Knight figure, while Action Figure Insider snapped a new look at the Red Hood:

Arkham Knight (2)

Spot the similarity yet? Then take a peek at the guns that the characters are using:


Yep, they’re both packing the same kind of heat. A pair of customised pistols, that have the exact same shape and size. What we do know about the game so far, is that Red Hood will be available as a pre-order bonus with his own set of challenge maps. We also know that Jason Todd hasn’t been left out of the Arkham Universe, as both the first Robin, Dick Grayson and the third Robin, Tim Drake, have appeared in the game. Oh, and the Joker did also casually mention that he murdered one of the Robins.

Add more tinfoil to the hat with Rha’s Al Gul having been present in the sequel Arkham City, and we’ve got the Lazarus Pit that’s needed to revive the former Batman protégé and give him a new lease on life. At this point, I can’t see the Arkham Knight not being Jason Todd. The clues are there, the infrastructure to play as him is in place and it’d be a complete waste to not have him revealed in the game. Hell, I’ll eat my Batman shirt if I’m wrong.

Big thanks to my cosplay buddy Crimson Coscrafts for clueing me in and mocking up the latest conspiracy theory.

Last Updated: February 16, 2015

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