These fan made Destiny UI improvements are fantastic

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One of the most underrated, and yet important, video game design factors is the standard user interface that you have no choice but to use.

When we talk about User Interface people mainly think of the menu systems and the like which is very true but there is a lot more to it and a Destiny fan by the name of Anrock1 (via vg247) has put together some small, but fantastic, UI tweaks that he would want Bungie to implement.

So let’s take a look at what he’s done

First up he’s added a simple status update to your character so that others in the tower can see what you are wanting to do and can approach to create a fire team.

The match-making in Destiny has not been awesome for me at all so this is something I would love to see arrive in the game. Another annoyance in the game is when I’m on the moon and need to go back to the Tower I have to first escape to orbit and then to the tower… that’s stupid and could easily be fixed like this.


As you can see in the bottom left we now can push Circle to go straight to the tower.

But he’s also added some nice additions on the right in the form of being able to monitor our progress on the bounties. Obviously they only show like this when you pull out the ghost but just look how much better that works. Moving on, one of the most annoying aspects of Destiny is that during a massive boss fight I run out of ammo and have to load up my menus to synthesise some more, which is insanity.

Anrock1 agreed and fixed the problem as simply as this.

It’s hard to see from here but it is simply now bound to a button that will presumably synthesise the ammo of the weapon you are currently using. And last but definitely not least, how about a way to swap which weapons you are currently enabling without jumping to the menu. A simple weapon wheel does the trick here.

All the images are clickable but unfortunately our gallery is busted so they are opening in new tabs, we know it’s annoying and do apologise. However moving on, what other UI tweaks do you think Bungie should implement in future patches?

Last Updated: October 21, 2014

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