DOA5 (29)

When it comes to squeezing every possible cent out of a game, I don’t think any game out there does it better than Dead or Alive. Don’t believe me? Then check out this range of Halloween costumes that will be hitting the game soon.

For 25 George Washingtons, players can celebrate Halloween into Hanukkah with these extra skimpy outfits that make the current range of sluttified costumes on the market look tame in comparison in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. That’s 28 new costumes for your various bucks.

DOA5 (1)DOA5 (2)DOA5 (3)DOA5 (4)DOA5 (5)DOA5 (6)DOA5 (7)DOA5 (8)DOA5 (9)DOA5 (10)DOA5 (11)DOA5 (12)DOA5 (13)DOA5 (14)DOA5 (15)DOA5 (16)DOA5 (17)DOA5 (18)DOA5 (19)DOA5 (20)DOA5 (21)DOA5 (22)DOA5 (23)DOA5 (24)DOA5 (25)DOA5 (26)DOA5 (27)DOA5 (28)DOA5 (29)DOA5 (30)DOA5 (31)DOA5 (32)

And if you’re going to spend hundreds of Rands on something that you can perve over on the internet for free, then buddy, there might just be something wrong with you.

Last Updated: October 16, 2013

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