These people are launching Assassin’s Creed Unity with us

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ACU coop

I thoroughly enjoy getting the chance to meet up with you guys. The community is what makes lazygamer awesome, and it’s always cool to put faces to names and whatnot. We got some tickets to give away so that you could join me and Geoff in making fun of Sandy in person at the Assassin’s Creed Unity event, and these are our winners.

Do you like games, and food, and sometimes putting on pants so that you can go outside and see people? If you live in Joburg, that must mean that you entered to win one of our five double tickets for the Assassin’s Creed Unity launch event.

Everyone’s favorite list randomizer, spat out these results:

ACU random

However, our own dear Admiral Chief won’t be available, so our winners are actually: Kensei Seraph, Tracy Benson, Stavey, Gerhard Claassens and William Francis.

Get your berets ready all, I’m going to fight you all with my mighty baguette! Actually, I have no idea what will be going on at the launch other than some French themed food and entertainment (I’m assuming) and plenty of socializing and drinking. I will be in touch via email, so keep an eye out – I’ll need names from the winners and their plus ones so that you can be put on the oh so exclusive guest list. Bring your cameras, too. We’d love to see the images you capture of the event and hear what you thought as well.

Thanks to all who entered! I am secretly planning an end of year event so we can all meet up again. I will share details as soon as I know them.

You may not have won tickets to the launch, but there’s still a Call of Duty competition going. For those who just live for Assassin’s Creed, keep your beady eyes out for an amazing competition (or two!) coming up really soon.

Last Updated: November 11, 2014

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