I can’t think of anyone alive these days that has not played Street Fighter II. It’s just one of those games that happens to have such a massive legacy. And if you happen to be the kind of person who devours Street Fighter tidbits, then these development tales from yesteryear might surprise you.

Street Fighter II game director Akira Nishitani has been filling his Twitter stream with all kinds of new information regarding how the game was made. Mugen Fighters Guild has listed them all. Here’s a few of the gems that Nishitani has unleashed:

Apparently Sagat’s home stage has a haunted rock:

A random SF2 memory. A programmer told me he didn’t want the rock in Sagat’s stage being used as a landmark for Ryu’s corner traps, so he proposed having its position change randomly by a small amount. I can’t remember if that was actually implemented or not. If someone has some free time, please investigate this. Maybe it applied to the drum cans in the other stages, too? Or maybe it was in Champion Edition?

A fan of Chun Li’s massively muscular and sexy legs? They almost had a different look to them before the game went gold:

Yasuda-san was extremely particular about the rendering of Chun-Li’s stockings, he ended up respriting them about 3 times. And thanks to that we ran right up to the deadline and ran out of memory. We had a hard time.

The red hadoukens that were seen in SF2? Those weren’t glitches. Foreshadowing baby!

The red Hadoukens in the first SF2 weren’t actually a glitch, they were an intentional easter egg put in by the programmers. But I couldn’t have imagined that would eventually become the Shakunetsu Hadouken.

I love threads like this, and the rest of it makes for some interesting reading if you have the time. SHORYUKEN GEOFF!

Last Updated: October 29, 2013

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