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Things that EA need to fix in FIFA 12

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I’ve recently gotten back into playing FIFA and have ploughed far to many hours into FIFA 11 in the last 2 weeks. It’s an absolutely fantastic title and is far better than I expected to be fair but some things had me pulling my hair out.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not good at the game so possibly some of the things I think they need to fix is just my bad ability but these are the things that have bugged me recently.

The actual commentating in FIFA 11 is miles ahead of what is used to be but at the same time after a couple of hours it really does become horribly repetitive. I am sick of hearing “Jamie Carragher… in with power and purpose”.. and other canned sayings and while that’s just a case of adding more statements the other problem is that the system doesn’t always pick up when a canned statement should shut up.

I pass a perfect through ball for Torres to smash into the net but some plonker intercepts it and yet the commentator still says something like “Oh it must be” instead of noticing the chance is gone.

And my last one for the commentating is that when I accidently hit shoot from inside my own area (told you I wasn’t good) and the ball actually makes it to the keeper the commentators go on about it being a fantastic save when in reality it hardly made it… I’d recommend EA check the speed of the shot and answer accordingly.

Oh and since Andy Gray has now been fired but you have already started using him why not get a second commentary team and rotate them during FIFA 12… I think you’ll find a good reaction to it and hopefully continue doing it moving forward.

Free Kicks
You’re kidding me right? I understand their is a deep rooted mechanic here but trying to figure it out is like climbing Mount Everest in a wheelchair, yes it’s possible but seriously can’t you make this a little easier for us to get into.

How hard is it to put a button on the penalty screen that explains how I am meant to save a penalty, Google isn’t meant to be your instruction manual.

Offsides, fouls, corners and throw ins
Now I don’t know if people would agree with me here but I would actually prefer it if the ref gets certain decisions wrong, maybe not in ranked multiplayer but in a single player experience it would be frustratingly realistic if my guy makes a perfect through run only to be called back for offside when he was just a smidgen on-side. Or if I made it through and scored only to find out I was actually offside and the linesman got it wrong.

I want to play a league… easily
I’m a Liverpool fan and all I really wanted to do was win the premier league with Liverpool (no sarcastic comments please) but the only way I could figure out how to do that was either to play a Live season online which I couldn’t do at the time or setup a league like with Premier League clubs.

I just want to choose an option in the menu that loads me up into the league that I am in and starts me from the beginning. I would also want to then be able to choose Leeds and work my way up the leagues over a couple of seasons until I reach the pinnacle of finishing second in the Premier League.. behind Liverpool of course.

This league would then also include the FA Cup, Carling Cup and European legs… I’m nearly convinced this actually exists somewhere deep in the menu system but I haven’t been able to find it yet.

Quick Play… takes forever to get into
I get to play a lot of my games while waiting for the wife/kids to get ready but the single thing that drives me insane is that it takes forever to actually get into the game. I can’t play a quick game without signing into Xbox Live, connecting to EA’s servers, synching my hospitality settings and going through 4 or 5 splash screens.

I want to boot up and the first thing I see is Play Now or Start, Start does all those important things that need to be done if my accomplishments need to be saved and configured while Play Now just opens a game instantly…

Seriously do you have to pay Microsoft every time you give an achievement away, these things are idiotically hard to get and doing something obviously achievement rewarding like scoring a Hat Trick gives me nothing. Winning by more than 5-0 also got me nothing and winning my custom league also gave me nadda.

I understand that the hardcore guys need to be rewarded but don’t forget about us mass market people, I want to be rewarded if I dribble around 2 people and slam the ball into the top corner… me telling myself that I’m awesome just doesn’t quite cut it.

That’s about it from my side, feel free to let me know of any annoyances that you come across and hopefully EA will take some of this to heart.

Last Updated: February 3, 2011

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