Things to ban instead of Videogames

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Jim Sterling over at Destructoid has been doing a bit of investigative journalism and has come up with a list of things that we could ban instead of videogames if we worked on death tolls alone.

To stack the deck against video gaming he has also counted every single death that could possibly be linked to video gaming in any real way or form. Since the actual count of people killed over video games is around 3…

The total he comes up with is 26 and he then proceeds to compare this to Football, Alcohol, Religion, Sugar and Hispanics working in Texas…

For the full great article head on over to Destructoid and take a look, for the lazy ones amongst us click through because I have made a nifty table with the results.




Gaming 26 Counting all cases worldwide
Football 137 Only including the top 4 worst cases in England
Religion 909 One case in the US
Alcohol 8082 Per year in the UK
Sugar 224,092 Died from diabetes in America in 2002 alone
Hispanics working in Texas 163 Died in the workplace in one year alone

So before banning videogames we should ban Hispanics working in Texas, Sugar, Booze, Religion and organise sports of any kind. Not to mention driving, skiing, flying and sex…

Remember these numbers for the next time some twit decides to tell you how gaming is responsible for the degradation of society.

Last Updated: February 23, 2009

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