This Arkham Knight cosplay is ready to rock out with its Glock out

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Arkham Knight (3)

Batman? Pfft, come on already. That caped crusader is old news. I’m all about the Arkham Knight these days! The latest Batman nemesis has proven to be a popular new addition to that rogues gallery, especially to the cosplay community. And it’s not hard to see why.

The Arkham Knight uniform has all manner of cool gadgets tucked away inside of it. Plus guns. Guns are always cool. My mate Crimson Coscrafts decided to tackle the project a while ago, resulting in this beauty of a cosplay:

Arkham Knight (5)

Arkham Knight (4)

Arkham Knight (6)

Arkham Knight (7)

Arkham Knight (1)

Arkham Knight (2)

Extra credits go to photographer Lucas Ambrosio and 3D printer Graphix Monster, as well as seamstress Reinka who helped make that snazzy jacket. Here’s one thing that I want to mention however, is the amount of insane work that goes into making one of these costumes.

People hear “3D printing”, and they automatically assume that a costume is pushed out in a day, ready to be worn. Sweet Darkseid, I wish it was that easy. I know that Crimson Coscrafts spent ages working on getting the 3D files ready for print, slaving away over digital masters.

And once they were printed, there’s still a ton of finishing work to be done on the raw pieces. And then painting. And then assembling. And on it goes. And hot damn, it’s why I love cosplay. It’s genuinely fun, and when it’s done properly, it looks damn good.

And it’s all worth it, just for an experience that can’t be topped. You should all try it. Maybe one day, I’ll finally convince Geoff to join me for a Blunt-Man and Chronic cosplay.

Last Updated: July 23, 2015

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