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This Dance Central 3 trailer blew my mind

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I’ve always said that Dance Central from Harmonix is one of the few games that’s really utilised Microsoft’s motion-sensing Kinect properly, spawning waves of clones and copycats. It’s actually one of the first Kinect Games I bought (Don’t judge, haters!) and one of the few that my kids still play. I dance like an epileptic kid  watching a fireworks display, so no…I’m not exactly a regular player. They’ve always been straight up dance games though, but Dance Central 3 looks like it’ll be a little…erm…different.

The game’s getting a pretty fleshed out story mode and this trailer details that. It’s filled with the sort of crazy stuff you just couldn’t make up. Time travelling special agents must dance and jiggle their way through decades of music history in order to save the world. Yes, really.

“An evil genius, bent on forcing his bleak vision of dance upon the world. A secret organization, determined to take him down. A world left with only one hope…your dance moves.”

Did you ever look at Dance Central and think “You know what this game is missing?…a ludicrous, time-travelling cornball espionage plot!”

Nope, didn’t think so.

Last Updated: September 3, 2012

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