This Diablo 3 cosplay is in the prime evil of its life

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Diablo (1)

Everyone who knows me knows how much I dig cosplay, especially when I dress up like Bane in order to talk to the Mormons who go door to door every week in my neighbourhood. There’s a lot of great cosplay out there. And then there is truly magnificent works of art that walk past you. There’s only way to describe this particular example: Demonic.

Krizdel Ingreso created the following masterpiece, combining seven different kinds of awesome prime evil into one devilishly good costume. Check out the photos from Geek Girls, of her Diablo 3 cosplay:

Diablo (1)Diablo (3)Diablo (4)Diablo (2)Diablo (5)

How did she make it? Foam, hot glue, paint and a crazy amount of talent, that’s how. Click here to see her development diary. Damn, and I thought slapping on some horns and an AC/DC T-shirt made me look like the devil.

Last Updated: March 26, 2014

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