This guy may just be the most dedicated Destiny player ever

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Say what you like about Destiny, but the game clearly has a dedicated fanbase who do see some sort of potential in Bungie’s newborn franchise. Reddit threads, wikis and weekly video guides are all par for the course in this fandom. But some fans go a step further than merely contributing to a thread or discussing weekly Xur sales. Like this guy, who made a backup plan to get his hands on some Destiny loot when the world was against him.

If you’re unfamiliar with Destiny, then you might not have any idea what the hell a Xur is. Xur is the weapons merchant of that universe, a flip-flopping commerce agent who can either offer you absolute crap or rare arms depending on which way the wind is blowing. Timing is crucial here, with such weapons only available for a few days and requiring some Strange Coin grinding in order to earn enough currency to buy with.

Last weekend, The Last Word hand cannon was up for grabs, costing a hefty 25 Strange Coins to purchase. One player, LAN Fiesta, only had 16 of the coins and needed to start grinding to make up the difference in the 24 hour time period available. The true story took a harrowing turn after LAN Fiesta had managed to earn up to 23 Strange Coins, according to his Imgur gallery. A massive storm had hit Texas, knocking out the power in several locations, including LAN Fiesta’s own neighborhood. So what’s a guy supposed to do? Hit McDonalds, that’s what.

LAN Fiesta headed to his nearest McDiarrhea joint, and carted a small TV and his Xbox One with him, plugging into the free wi-fi and continuing on his quest. The quest continued, and after McDonalds closed at 11 that night, LAN Fiesta hit a Taco Bueno and carried on grinding away, earning a free plate of nachos in the process.

Last word

“After about 7 [strikes] and at about [1 a.m.] the [restaurant] was locked up and it was just me and the employees chilling out and we finally [achieved] our goal,” said LAN Fiesta.

After I told them thanks they responded with ‘It’s Destiny, we understand’ which made me believe that these two ladies may have known my quest for The Last Word was worth it the whole time! The journey ends and I am driving away from one of my best gaming experiences ever. After the long grind of leveling to 25 in one day, to losing hope when my power went out, to the redemption through taco bueno. It was a grand day I will never forget!

LAN Fiesta makes my attempts to keep a game of Mortal Kombat X going through a load-shedding phase by booting up an old Honda generator, look like crap in comparison. SALUTE!

Last Updated: April 23, 2015

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