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Toys to life. Activision made some mad cash with that idea, in the form of Skylanders over the last couple of years and naturally, everyone wants a piece of that pie. Emerging as the first real contender in that new market, Disney has a couple of ideas for their take on that genre. So how does throwing everything related to that massive house of mouse empire work exactly?

While the idea of Toys on a platform that connects to your console ain’t anything new, what Disney Infinity does instead is to allow gamers to build their own universe. Want to see the Lone Ranger ride a Recognizer from Tron: Legacy in a race around the oceans of the Little Mermaid? Easy.

The tools are all there, and they’re simple enough to use, as I was shown in a live demo at E3. Disney is targeting a younger demographic with this game, but the logic editor tools available allow for more complex creations by older players.

Anyway, trailer time!

I’m genuinely liking the idea of Disney Infinity. The company could have easily half-arsed a soulless cash-in for the toys to life market, but by cunningly outsourcing the gameplay to the player, they may be on to something here. And seeing how they now own the licenses to Marvel and Star Wars, I’ll shove children out of the way with a size 9 boot if they release a Darth Vader and Incredible Hulk playset in the near future to go with the game.

It’s due out in August, on all the platforms by the looks of things.

Last Updated: July 1, 2013

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