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I really dig the Disney Infinity toys. Sure, they may be made of powdered Skylanders, but they’re actually pretty darn cool to just have. Heck, I’ve got a Captain Barbossa figure that is sitting on top of my Xbox right now. But there’s more to Disney Infinity than inaction figures. There are power discs as well. Lots and lots of power discs. While you prep your wallet for them, here’s how they’ll work.

The additional pieces that come with Disney Infinity, allow players to unlock new themes, gadgets and vehicles on the fly. I saw it first hand at E3, and the feature does at least work pretty damn quickly when it comes to mixing up the Infinity playbox.

Remember, those extra pieces are going to arrive in lucky packets at a price of R69 each, with about power discs in each packet. I still think that this is some dangerous territory for Disney, as they’re looking to squeeze an extra buck out of a potentially fantastic franchise, but then again, I also see kids trading these discs amongst one another.

There’ll be the usual common, rare and ultra-rare power discs available. Here’s a full list of them, courtesy of AGB:

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Circular Discs

  • Bolt’s Super Strength – Character that you’re playing with does 10% more damage 
  • Fix It Felix’s Repair Power – Character you’re playing with has 20% more health 
  • C.H.R.O.M.E’s Armor Shield – In-game character receives -10% less damage 
  • Pieces of Eight – In-game character gains 10% more loot

Hexagonal Discs

  • Mickey’s Car – Drive Mickey’s Jalopy in the Toy Box 
  • Cinderella’s Coach – Drive Cinderella’s Carriage in the Toy Box 
  • Kahn– Ride Kahn the Horse from “Mulan” in the Toy Box
  • Stitch’s Blaster – In-game character gets Stitch’s blaster from “Lilo and Stitch”
  • Carl Fredericksen’s Cane – In-game character gets Carl’s cane from “Up”

Sugar Rush

  • King Candy’s Dessert Toppings Texture Set– Adds a “Sugar Rush” theme from “Wreck-it-Ralph” to Toy Box terrain objects 
  • Sugar Rush Sky Skydome – Adds a “Sugar Rush” theme from “Wreck-it-Ralph” to the Toy Box sky

Alice in Wonderland

  • Alice’s Wonderland Texture Set – Adds an “Alice in Wonderland” theme to Toy Box terrain objects 
  • Tulgey Wood Skydome – Adds an “Alice in Wonderland” theme to Toy Box sky

Finding Nemo

  • Marlin’s Reef Texture Set– Adds a “Finding Nemo” theme to the Toy Box terrain objects 
  • Nemo’s Seascape Skydome – Adds a “Finding Nemo” theme to the Toy Box sky

Tangled Lantern

  • Rapunzel’s Kingdom Texture Set – Adds a “Tangled” theme to Toy Box terrain objects 
  • Rapunzel’s Birthday Sky Skydome – Adds a “Tangled” theme to the Toy Box sky

Rare Hexagonal Discs

  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Adds the Dumbo ride from the Parks in the Toy Box 
  • Abu the Elephant – Adds the elephant version of Abu in the Toy Box 
  • Astro Blasters Space Cruiser – Adds the Astro Blaster vehicle from the Buzz Lightyear attraction in the Toy Box

Disney Infinity is out on a ton of consoles on August 23. Expect to pay R799 for a starter pack, and then some.

Last Updated: July 31, 2013

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