This is how you Batman in Infinite Crisis

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Unfortunately in this game, Batman Prime does not transform into his own Batmobile. He does however have an interesting set of abilities, including… being Batman! You didn’t think I was going to give it all away in the first paragraph, did you?

Infinite Crisis, as you may have read is a new MOBA game featuring a roster of DC Comics characters. This has the potential to be bat shit crazy awesome, as well as the potential to fail horribly. What’s different about this game, is obviously not just the heroes, but the theme. The battle arena is set in die streets of Gotham (I presume), instead of the usual nature like setting of other MOBAs. I guess they’ll have to find a replacement word for “jungling”, should that even be included in this game. Another feature setting Infinite Crisis part from other MOBAs, is that it has abandoned the traditional laning outlay.

Batman Prime has a mix of melee and ranged attacks; he is in fact a mix of many different character types in MOBAs. He also has the ability to go into stealth, healing over time. As to be expected, he uses his blades for ranged attacks, and martial arts for melee (close combat) attacks. From the video, you can tell that Batman is a durability and high damage hero, with lifesteal. To be honest all this seems a great mess, and Batman Prime too OP with his mix of attributes and abilities. Here’s a video walkthrough of the Dark Knight, as well as a charcter bio. Not that there’s anybody that doesn’t know who he is.

Universe of Origin: Prime
Alignment: Hero

Through skillful use of violence and intimidation, the grim vigilante Batman wages an unending war on crime.

Orphaned in childhood by a mugging that went horribly wrong, Bruce Wayne swore to eliminate crime from GothamCity. After years of intense mental and physical training, Bruce outfitted himself with an arsenal of high-tech gadgetry and took the mantle of Batman. Today he juggles life as CEO of Wayne Enterprises with a “rather busy” nightlife, and never shall the two meet.

An expert martial artist, precise and efficient, Batman’s explosive style is honed for maximum impact. 

Last Updated: July 12, 2013

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