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This is the best Battlefield 3 team mate ever

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Last night instead of working on my presentation for Wordcamp which is happening tomorrow… holy crap… PANIC.. erm where was I? Oh yeah instead of doing what I should have been doing I was watching some Philip DeFranco shows on YouTube and one of the stories was about a BF3 player.

The Battlefield 3 player in question goes by the name of StoneMountain64 and is possibly the most awesome team mate you could ever hope to get paired with in Battlefield 3.

Basically what the guy does is enter the game and play it as if it was real. His in game chatter is the sort of stuff you hear in the army movies and official communications and while he doesn’t say anything specifically funny the fact that everyone is playing a game and he’s running around being serious is absolutely hilarious.

He only plays until he dies because as you know when you die in real life the games over.

My absolute favourite part is where his mom interrupts him and he chats to his mom and then goes back into serious mode as if nothing weird has happened. The guys he is playing with are absolute class acts as well so it all just ends up being perfect.

Last Updated: November 6, 2013

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