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This is the most offensive, sexist gaming advert I’ve ever seen

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What do you call a company that forks out big money so that a marketing company can create the most offensive, stereotypical and sexist advert on the planet?

No really it’s a question because I can’t imagine how stupid a company needs to be to not only hire someone to make this but to then approve it for release and then act surprised by the public lashing it’s surely receiving by now.

I’m not the least bit surprised that something this insensitive and ridiculous has come out of Australia but I really would have expected a mammoth multinational like EB Games to have a basic policy of “Don’t be stupid and offend 50% of the population” somewhere in their marketing manual.

The below video entitled, “A Man’s Guide to Trading”, has been created by EB Games Australia to who you that you can buy games by trading in old ones instead of using cash.

Then you can use that cash to turn your wife’s constant nagging off and get her to clean the house like a good woman while you sit on the couch playing games.

Don’t believe me? Behold the worst gaming advert on the face of the planet.

It’s obviously going to be pawned off as a joke, did you find it funny?

Last Updated: November 7, 2011

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