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This is the PS4’s controller prototype, for real

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This is the PS4’s controller prototype, for real 2

Let this day mark the day of the end of rumours, rumours about next-gen stuff and may all gamers be satisfied and read some real articles. Pictures have surfaced of what sources have confirmed to be the prototype for Sony’s PlayStation 4 controller complete with (censored), (censored) and (censored).

First, take a look at this picture – the new controller is rather fugly, just saying.


And NOW, take a look at this very in-depth analysis:

As you can see the controller has some kind of glossy touch surface, this will probably be used a touch pad or over sized screen to flash some messages to you, display the time, or calendar or some other useless app. Or just be a touch pad, you know, it’s kind of self explanatory. There’s also a very apparent blue LED at the top of the controller, very similar to that on the PlayStation Move. This could only mean that motion control will be integrated into the controller, which kind of defeats the purpose of the PlayStation Move.

The speaker or microphone on the controller is no doubt there for some kind of voice command, the thought that it might be there for voice conferencing also comes to mind, however, that is what headsets are for. Unless sony is trying to put every single possible peripheral used for PlayStation into one controller, one can only assume that they are trying to integrate new features into the controller. Everything else on the controller seems to be standard with minor design changes, other than that there’s an unknown port which can be used for any number of things.

Last Updated: February 15, 2013

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