This is the stupidest experiment ever–Videogame violence

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While we all know that videogame violence doesn’t cause violence in society the mainstream media still love prancing on about this. The latest example is also the stupidest in living memory and unbelievably doesn’t even come from Fox News.

Over in South Korea the Munwha Broadcasting Corporation had an idea to prove that videogames cause violence and antisocial behaviour. They packed up their cameras and crew and headed on over to one of those large net cafe’s where the youth gather to pay and play StarCraft and other games against each other.

Then they did something truly mind boggling.

The clowns turned off the power to the entire shop, yes they flipped the switch and everything that needed power was plunged into darkness. Apparently the paying customers then began to get upset and speak in loud voices and use bad language.

This is unequivocal proof that they had been transformed into the videogame characters they were playing…

No you idiots, if they had turned into the videogame characters they were playing they would have walked over to you, ripped your head off and used your intestines as a skipping rope to pass the time. What you did was purposefully annoy a room full of people for your entertainment.

As Brian Ashcraft mentions in his Kotaku post, this is exactly like walking up to someone reading a newspaper, ripping it out of their hands and tearing it up while asking why are such angry people.

The only good that came from this experiment is that we now all know the Munwha Broadcasting Corporation is as insane as Fox News, so make sure to avoid it.

Source: Kotaku

As a side note, it’s really hard to find a picture of an angry Korean

Last Updated: February 17, 2011

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