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This is what NGP games might look like…

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Sony wowed us all with their announcement of their next-generation handheld, and successor to the PSP. We got to see heavy hitters like Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid running, to demonstrate how the device was capable of near-PS3 graphics. Sony does have a history of fiddling with the facts in their initial demo’s though – as anybody who saw the PS2 ducks and the Killzone  2 pre-rendered trailers would know.

This clip, the first from a third party developer, might give a more realistic view of what NGP games might end up looking like.

Running in real-time on NGP hardware, this engine-demo of Trinigy’s “Vision Game Engine” shows the lighting, textures and graphical wizardry you can expect from Sony’s new handheld when it releases. It looks pretty good for a handheld, but it’s decidedly empty – considering it’s a tech demo with no gameplay being processed. It’s nowhere near the level of home console graphics we’ve been promised – but we really don;t know if that’s down to the engine being rubbish, or the NGP being less powerful than we’ve been lead to believe.

It is early days – so expect things to start looking better, but for now I’m underwhelmed.

Source : Pocketgamer

Last Updated: April 14, 2011

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