This is why we don’t require the MSSA yet

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For possibly the one person out there who doesn’t know yet I’ll be clear up front. I am not a fan of the MSSA (Mind Sports South Africa). I find them overbearing, annoying and an impediment to the improvement of  eSports in South Africa.

Now don’t get me wrong, the idea of being able to receive national colours for gaming I think is a great thing. If they’d keep their fingers out the actual running of tournaments and simply give guidelines and award colours where they are deserved, we would be a good example to the rest of the world.

But no they insist of stupid rules, regulations and ideas that there really is no need for and this latest example has my blood boiling again. The following message was posted on Facebook in the local DOTA group

Yes your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Maryke really does say she wants 4 other females to join her to make a national side so they can go on free trips overseas. And hey you don’t even need to be good at the game because the MSSA wants to send females overseas so anything with boobs and a vagina will do.

I’m pretty sure looking good will help get the chaperoned overseas trips as well.

Now any national body worth their salt would have something to say about this and thankfully our MSSA has a very fanatic Facebook stalker in Colin Webster so it didn’t take long for him to join the conversation.

Colin Webster Again a lot of misstatements and factually incorrect comments made about the MSSA.
The MSSA is absolutely committed to promoting gamers in their quest for international recognition.
To qualify for the Nation Team Trials, you do need to play in a MSSA championship such as the one advertised on:…/2014-mweb…

I do like how he now directly refers to the anonymous eSports blogger as his go to website for facts. That’s amazing.

So no argument on just allowing 5 women to pretend to be DOTA players so they can get free holidays. No attempts at clearing the air and stating they won’t send people overseas who are clearly incapable of actually competing. Colin loves going on and on about how important they are and how they are part of SASCOC but even SASCOC doesn’t send people overseas if they are clearly not in the same league as the competitors.

But hey a free trip is a free trip is it not, who cares about making your country the laughing stock of the eSports world as long as they feed you and give you a free t-shirt.

Speaking of which, my friend over at the eSports blog thinks charging R300 for a cheap silk screened shirt is a rip off, I guess he missed the point where the price is only so high because we need that legal fund to defend ourselves from Mr Webster.

In conclusion, we don’t need the MSSA yet because the rest of the world isn’t in the position where national bodies exist for eSports. Leading the way is one thing but when we are being led away from the world into obscurity maybe we should rather give it a skip.

Last Updated: April 14, 2014

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