This looks nothing like Alone in the Dark

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You could say I was extremely sceptical when a new Alone in the Dark entry was announced a few months ago. The fact that it came out of the blue, had Atari’s named attached and was set for launch this year immediately but a bad taste in my mouth. It goes to show that you often show rely on your instincts, because it doesn’t look like Illumination is a game for Alone in the Dark fans.

In fact, I’m now pretty certain that the only reason the game is called Alone in the Dark is so that it can feed off nostalgic curiosity. Illumination will toss away the franchise’s survival horror roots and group you with three other players for some co-operative shooting. So think Left4Dead in an annoyingly cheap looking suit that is trying to get into a black tie event.

There’re a few elements here and there that slightly pique my interest. Similar to Alan Wake, light is harmful to enemies, with each of the four classes being able to conjure it up in different ways. There’s also some meta narrative apparently, which will tie into Alone in the Dark lore – the only really interesting bit for fans.

But that’s essentially what this PC shooter looks like. There’s not much detail in the game’s first gameplay trailer, despite it being the only look at the game we’ve had since it’s reveal. That’s made even worse by the fact that it’s up for pre-order on Steam right now, and still could launch this month.

Personally, I’ll be staying far away from this one if I can. There’s really nothing here that screams Alone in the Dark at all, made worse by the fact that the game at it’s looks looks fairly sub-par. Or maybe I’m just being extremely over-critical of a game I have yet to play. Penny for your thoughts?

Last Updated: November 4, 2014

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