This Starcraft collectible will cost ya

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Usually, I get a rush of blood to my other brain when I see some of the figures from Sideshow Collectibles. And when those figures happen to be insanely detailed masterpieces that are bigger than the average collectible. I faint like a dandy. So excuse me while I collapse yet again after seeing this upcoming Starcraft work of art. Oooooh my!


Jim Raynor here stands at a height of 15 inches/38 cm, or one porn star gentlemen sausage on a cold day. The real kicker though, is that this meched up version of series hero happens to be made from 525 individual pieces of plastic.

That’s a ton of sweatshop labour, which is why Jim will cost you $500 when he arrives next year. That’s around R5000 pal. But heck, for that price, at least he won’t be an inaction figure. Raynor is equipped with various weapons, and baby, he can strike one mean pose.

So who needs a clean kidney? It’s free of any alcohol!

Last Updated: January 5, 2017

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