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This Transistor puts us to shame

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Supergiant wallpaper

You guys know I played and loved Transistor, the latest game from Supergiant Games, the makers of indie darling, Bastion. It’s a fantastic game that I’d recommend playing on PS4 for those who have one – the sounds from the controller speaker make it next level excellent. But some people have gone beyond that with their creativity.

Over on Super Punch, this homemade transistor blade is certainly looking rather appealing. It was apparently broken and repaired following PAX 2013, so the fins are brand new. Geez, it makes me wish I had one – so glad that I recently dyed my hair red again. Here are some pics to rub your eyeballs over.

Transistor cosplay 2Transistor cosplay 3Transistor cosplay 1

I am not really into cosplay. I’d love to be, but I’m not good at crafts so it just doesn’t happen. I like playing dress up, but unfortunately I don’t have anything close to the skills required to make something like this. Darryn puts us all to shame every year for rAge, but he’s just a very special individual who also happens to work well in a garage. Or cave.

Are you guys interested in building these sorts of cool and wonderful creations? Would you swing this Transistor blade wildly around your living room in the nude, or does it all seem a bit too much for you? I’ve still got the material for my Haruki Suzumiya costume. Let’s hope that one day I actually make it. Or get someone else to make it for me. Yeah, that sounds like a more likely scenario.

Last Updated: May 27, 2014

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