This War of Mine gets bigger and Technobabylon’s cyberpunk looks rad

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Okay everyone, help me out. I’m going to be traveling far too much in the coming weeks and I need all your recommendations for rad iPad/3DS games. The indie-er the better. I’ve got a few I’m loading up on, but Puzzles and Dragons sounds like heroin and I’ll probably need something else. Right?

First up, This War of Mine has gotten a massive update. What does it add? Well, beyond the new music tracks for night missions, there are two new locations: Old Town and Looted Gas Station. There’s also an all new Character Editor where you can create your own civilians to use in the game, plus a Scenario Editor where you can write your own stories of civilians in war. This is a game I’ve been really keen to play since I find heard about it and if someone can lend me a few extra hours in the day, I’d love to play it. Darryn raved about it, too.

Technobabylon is a new cyberpunk adventure game that looks like something I need to play. Just check out this description:

The year 2087 is upon us — a future where genetic engineering is the norm, the addictive Trance has replaced almost any need for human interaction, and an omnipresent AI named Central powers the city. Its all-seeing CEL police force keeps tabs on everyone, including three people who are about to meet their maker.
[…] As these three struggle to save themselves, they will soon discover a string of conspiracies that threatens not only their lives, but everything they think they know.

And here is the trailer:

Also, good news! Haiku Warrier has hit target. Yay for Kickstarter making Haiku-based gaming a possibility.

Last Updated: April 30, 2015

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