This week’s Demo impressions. Pure & Fracture

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This week I managed to download the Xbox 360 demo’s of Pure and Fracture.

Pure Fun.... go get it


Pure is an ATV racing simulator in the loosest sense of the word. There is nothing realistic about the driving and tricks that you pull off in Pure but that doesn’t take away anything from the key element behind Pure.

Pure is about fun, pure unadulterated fun… Yes the graphics are awesome and the sounds engaging but the game is hugely entertaining and in my book that is by far the most important thing.

I highly recommend downloading the demo and giving it a shot,  I was very pleasantly surprised.

Fracture... just not worth it


A game made for me.. we get cool guns, lot of fantastic physics and we can blow sh*t up…

What can go wrong? Well the controls can go wrong that’s what. I started the demo and for the first while I was absolutely loving the game, trying out new weapons and taking down entire water towers… which is worth the download all by itself.

But then I get thrown into the battle and the game just doesn’t work very well. Who has ever heard of pushing Y to run? You try push Y while holding all the other controls you need to, it’s just not comfortable.

Then I have some voice in my head telling me to shoot the platform indicated on the hub with a rocket launcher while tons of ‘baddies’ charge at me with machine guns. Not only could I not see the platform indicated on the hub but I was being hammered by guys with machine guns and I couldn’t shoot back because I had a rocket launcher.

I tried three times and then got bored… I game for fun and this just wasn’t cutting it.

If the reviews are good I will give it another look but for now it just doesn’t seem good enough to make me fork over the cash for it.

Last Updated: September 23, 2008

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