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This Witcher 3 video gives me goosebumps

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Normally, I would be like the rest of you, sinking my teeth into The Witcher 3 and loving every second of it. Instead, I’m many miles from my nearest gaming device and experiencing some profound homesickness as a result. Recently, I was told by an international gaming PR rep that I’ve “seen it all” and become jaded as a result. While I don’t totally agree, I can see his point in some ways – but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost the ability to feel the thrill and pure glee when I see something truly astounding.

While I haven’t played it myself yet, I’ve heard all the same wonderful things you have about The Witcher 3. I also heard that crafting isn’t great and that the font size is just too damn small. However, the core experience sounds magnificent, and if it’s anything like this trailer, the whole game could give me goosebumps:

While a part of me wants to just blame the music, or maybe my innate sensitivity, this trailer almost had me on the verge of tears. Almost – not quite. Still, it gave me goosebumps. Perhaps it was seeing the scenes of Ciri training with Geralt and how closely they matched what I had in my mind’s eye from reading the books. Or maybe it’s just seeing the sheer scale of the game. Or perhaps my emotions come from seeing the incredible characters brought to life with every detail. Whatever it is, even this jaded, “seen it all” gamer could feel every hair stand on end with excitement and emotion watching this.

And now I’m even more homesick for my gaming devices – for those who don’t have PCs or consoles capable of playing the game right now, I feel your pain. It’s not a fear of missing out; we are missing out. But don’t worry, we’ll play it eventually… right?

Last Updated: May 21, 2015

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